Available for: Microsoft Project 2010, 2013, 2016

This two-day Using Microsoft Project in Real Life Project workshop provides participants the practical skills and structured training approach to use Microsoft Project in their day-to-day work in planning, managing and tracking projects. 

Unique features of this course include introduction of key project management concepts, and relating these concepts to the functionalities in Microsoft Project.  Our lab sessions combine both the practical scenarios in project management and guidance by our experienced instructor.  At the end of the session, you can leave the class knowing exactly what to do and how to use Microsoft Project in your daily project management work.

Both the exercises and examples used in the class are scenario based.  That means, we do not just teach you how various Microsoft Project features work, but also illustrate to you in real life scenarios when to use the features.

This training course is designed and developed by the Practicing Project Managers, for the Practicing Project Managers!

Training Course Materials
  • Training Handouts
  • Exercise Worksheet
  • Microsoft Project Templates
Training Course Outline
Course Delivery Mode: Classroom with Hands-On Labs
Getting Started with Microsoft Project
  • Key principles of Project Management
    • Project management constraints
    • Project management processes
    • Work breakdown structure (WBS)
    • Project scheduling and tracking
  • Familiarize Microsoft Project
    • Microsoft Project user interface and navigation
    • Typical Microsoft Project schedule elements
Creating a Project Schedule
  • Key features of a Project Environment
    • Project properties
    • Project calendar
    • Other project settings
  • Key Features of a Project Schedule
    • Work breakdown structure (WBS)
    • Task dependencies and constraints
    • Resource assignment
    • Critical path analysis
    • Schedule baseline and tracking
  • Attributes of a Project
  • Concept of custom fields
  • Attributes of a Project Task
  • Attributes of Project Resources
Managing Project Resources and Costs
  • Types and Attributes of Resources
  • Assign Resources to Tasks
Updating and Tracking Project Schedule
  • Understand Relationship between Duration, Work and Resource Units
  • Understand Baseline, Actual and Plan Values
  • Understand Manual Scheduling Mode
    • Top-down planning
    • Using team planner
    • Using task inspector
Analyzing and Reporting Project Performance
  • Use Task and Resource Custom Fields to Create Formula and Graphical Indicators
  • Timeline, Views, Tables, Filters and Reports
Using Microsoft Project to Manage Complex Programs / Projects
  • Use Project Template to Standardize Project Planning
  • Use Master Project to Manage Multiple Projects
  • Share Resources Among Projects