Business Process Automation

In today’s business world, organizations are constantly aiming to drive efficiency, provide transparency into how the business processes run and facilitate compliance for repeatable processes, with a result of saving time and ensuring best practices are implemented to improve overall operational efficiency.

Workflow automation solutions help organizations coordinate the activity of their people and the access to their content directly through their business processes. It is about making people’s jobs easier, helping businesses quickly and easily automate, orchestrate, and optimize time-consuming tasks, transforming them into efficient automated processes.

Why Nintex Workflow Solutions?

Nintex is the global leader in no-code workflow solution for everyone allowing immediate deployment of easy-to-use, powerful workflows that leverage your SharePoint/Office 365 infrastructure for lower total costs and faster speed to value.

How can Systemethod help you?

Systemethod is a Nintex Certified Partner in Singapore since 2011. We provide a full range of services from consultancy, pricing, design and delivery to help you implement business process automation solutions for customers using Nintex platform. We have a pool of skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals and technologists working to meet your process automation challenges.


Nintex Products
With Nintex Workflow for SharePoint, you can tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks – not code. Your SharePoint users can easily build entire workflows through an intuitive, browser-based, drag-and-drop workflow designer. With a catalog of sample workflows and defaults that pre-configure common activities and settings, building workflows is as easy as drag, drop, done. Nintex Workflow for SharePoint fits seamlessly with your existing environment without a need for separate servers or infrastructure.
Nintex Forms for SharePoint makes it easy to create modern looking forms for Microsoft SharePoint. Design modern electronic forms to quickly and accurately capture information, applying sophisticated business logic, custom branding, and rich formatting – all without writing any code. Nintex Forms combines with Nintex Workflow for SharePoint to deliver complete Workflow and Content Automation solutions, transforming simple data gathering into powerful, automated processes that achieve business impact.
Unlock the full benefits of the Office 365 platform. Nintex Workflow gives users the ability to build and run workflows in the cloud, dragging and dropping SharePoint’s native actions and connecting to cloud services via the Nintex Store.
Take advantage of the Office 365 platform without compromise. Nintex Forms for Office 365 allows your organization to collect vital information that drives your business processes. Nintex Forms provides forms that look and behave exactly the way you need to ensure you collect your data as accurately and as efficiently as possible.
Nintex Mobile apps help you get more from your business processes by allowing users to interact with them on-the-go. Nintex Mobile apps extend the promise of Workflow for Everyone to your Windows device, improving the user-experience and enabling increased productivity for your whole organization quickly, easily and securely. You built the workflow, you built the form, now make it mobile!
Nintex Hawkeye is the process intelligence capability of the Nintex Workflow Platform. It enables your business to analyze, optimize and govern your automated business processes. With Nintex Hawkeye, you can quickly gain the visibility to measure scope, effectiveness and business impact of Nintex Workflow.
Nintex Cloud gives you a cloud-based workflow and process automation platform that reduces set-up and cost. Our simple drag-and-drop interface lets the people closest to the work automate their own processes without relying on IT.