This three-day Nintex for SharePoint 2016 training course for IT Pro provides participants with the know-how to use the entire suite of Nintex i.e. Nintex Workflow, Nintex Form and Nintex Mobile. This course comes with hands-on labs that focused on the commonly used features of Nintex for SharePoint 2016.

Day One of the training course focuses on the Nintex Forms. Nintex Forms makes it easy to create and complete engaging forms in the browser without the need for code. The training course concludes by showing you how you could fill your forms offline using mobile devices via Nintex Mobile.

Day Two and Three of the training course is focused on the Nintex Workflow that guides the participants on the building and managing of workflows.

 Training Course Materials
  • Course Handouts
  • Lab Exercises
  • Some experience in managing SharePoint lists.
Training Course Outline
  • Overview of Nintex
  • Adding Nintex to SharePoint site(s)
  • Nintex Form
    • Nintex Form Designer
    • Creating Desktop Form
    • Nintex Form Controls
      • General Controls (Button, Choice, etc)
      • Calculated Value
      • Repeating Section
      • List Columns
    • Adding Rules
    • Creating Multiple Tab Pages
    • Creating Task Form
    • Design form for mobile devices & Nintex Mobile
    • Save & Publish Form
    • Hands on Lab sessions
  • Nintex Mobile
    • Setting up Nintex Mobile
    • Updating task(s)
    • Submit Form(s)
    • Hands on Lab sessions
    • Setup Nintex Mobile Enterprise (For Enterprise Edition Only)
  • Nintex Workflow
    • Nintex Workflow Designer
    • Create list workflow
    • Nintex Workflow Actions
      • Libraries & Lists
      • Logic & Flow
      • Operations
      • User Interaction
      • Utility
      • Integration
    • Lazy Approval
    • Adding Nintex Workflow Cloud Actions using Store
    • State Machine Workflow
    • Save & Publish Workflow
    • Manage Workflow
    • User Defined Actions & Snippets
    • Create Site Workflow
    • Hands on Lab sessions
  • Nintex Workflow/Forms Administration
    • Nintex Workflow/Forms Settings
    • Nintex Workflow Web Parts
    • Deploying Nintex Workflows